Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast.

Schools close as Victoria bakes; Rio’s colourful Carnival; Lucky the deaf muster dog; and Taylor tickets mania.

Victoria suffered through a scorching heatwave, bushfires, power outages and thunderstorms yesterday! Schools closed, and kids got an unexpected day off as towns near the Grampians had to evacuate. Stay safe and look out for your neighbours, people!

Brazil threw the ultimate street party, and everyone’s invited! Imagine a rainbow explosion with dazzling costumes, massive floats, and dancing in the streets. It’s like a giant, moving art show celebrating the countdown to Easter. Party on, Brazil!

We meet Lucky, the deaf dog who’s a sheep-herding superhero! Without hearing commands, Lucky uses sight and vibrations to round up sheep like a boss. It’s a heartwarming story of friendship and furry feats on the farm. Who needs superhero movies when you have Lucky?

Taylor Swift fans went wild, snagging last-minute concert tickets faster than lightning! With seats offering a less than a full view, Swifties proved there’s no bad seat when it comes to supporting their icon. Meanwhile, Usher skates into hearts with his halftime show moves. What a day for pop culture!

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