Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast.

It’s NAPLAN time!; Mammoths make a comeback; Sprints and Scrabble in Ghana; and a wild west winter showdown.

Hey kids, guess what? It’s NAPLAN time. It’s not some scary monster,  but more like an education selfie, showing off what you know. It’s popping up early this year, so your teachers can give you a super-boost in learning. Just relax and do your best.

Today, the globe has stopped in Ghana, where the African Games are underway! Imagine 5,000 athletes from 52 countries playing 30 sports. It’s a sports bonanza with a side of scrabble. Get ready for action, inspiration, and a bit of competition excitement!

In a plot twist straight out of “Ice Age,” scientists are on a mammoth mission to turn back time. With a sprinkle of science magic, they’re hoping to bring these furry giants back and maybe, just maybe, cool down our planet a bit. Stay tuned for Mammoths 2.0!

Strap in for the wildest ride with skijoring, where cowboys and skiers unite for a snowy race that’s part video game, part adrenaline rush. It’s a tradition that’s all about fun, bravery, and possibly future Olympic dreams!?

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