Monday, February 12, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast.

Tay Tay vs Trump; a guide-penguin saves the day; snow-show goes ahead; and an Eiffel Tower triumphs.

Vegas shines bright today with Super Bowl LVIII’s epic showdown between the Chiefs and 49ers! Off-field buzz? Taylor Swift cheering for her beau and Usher with Post Malone turning halftime into a mega concert.

In Wisconsin’s Lake Geneva, snow sculptors faced a meltdown challenge, thanks to warm weather! Swapping hats for tees, they carved icy wonders, including a winking robot champion. A chilly art fest turned warm-hearted tale of perseverance and creativity.

At Birdworld, Penguin and Squid (both African penguins) redefine friendship goals. Despite Squid’s cloudy vision, Penguin leads her through every adventure, ensuring she never misses a meal. This adorable duo proves that true friends stick together, no matter what.

A Hong Kong mall now houses a record-breaking dragon made of 38,000 balloons, celebrating Lunar New Year with flair! Meanwhile, a French hobbyist’s matchstick marvel—the Eiffel Tower—finally gets Guinness’ nod after a stickler for rules saga.

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