Monday, March 11, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast.

Heatwave sweeps south-east; the holy month of Ramadan; Barbie set to swoop Oscars; and crocodile fur balls. 

Imagine wearing shorts in Hobart in autumn! This weekend, Hobart turned into a sauna, experiencing its hottest night in over a century. Meanwhile, Melburnians had to swap parade plans for cool indoor spots as extreme heat led to event cancellations. A tip for my friends in South Australia: keep your ice cream close, as the scorcher continues!

If you were in Sydney on Friday evening you may have felt the Earth move. A 3.6 quake hit, sending dogs into a barking frenzy and causing a phone call storm. Don’t worry, it was more of a jitter than a jolt!

Tonight, millions start their Ramadan journey, fasting from dawn till dusk to honor their faith. It’s a month less about missing snacks and more about kindness, patience, and reading the Quran. Maybe you’ll notice some classmates are fasting – let’s cheer them on!

It’s Oscars time! Will Barbie outshine Oppenheimer? Can SpiderMan swing into the top animated spot? It’s a glamorous battle of stories, songs, and stunning effects. Let’s cheer for our favourite doll and heroes as they aim for Oscar gold!

Ever heard of crocodile fur balls? Yep, it’s a thing! Scientists found these hair-filled surprises, proving crocs can’t digest their hairy snacks. Next time you find something gross, just remember: at least you’re not coughing up fur balls like a crocodile!

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