Thursday, May 9, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast.

Fallout over Fake Katy Perry; Aussie through to Eurovision final; Nintendo’s Switch 2 announcement; and helping your grandparents fight scams.

Imagine Katy Perry dazzling at the Met Gala, except she wasn’t even there! A cheeky AI whipped up a photo so real, everyone thought Katy had hit the ball in a stunning gown. But nope, it was all digital magic! Remember, not everything we see online is true—watch out for those crafty AI creations!

Silia Kapsis, a 17-year-old from Sydney, is rocking the Eurovision stage for Cyprus! With her super catchy song ‘Liar,’ she’s all set to dazzle in the grand final. Let’s cheer for Silia as she takes on the Eurovision challenge!

Gaming alert! Nintendo’s gearing up to unveil the Switch 2, rumored to be packed with new goodies like longer battery life and funky controllers. Excitement is in the air, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the big reveal!

This week, Squiz-E the Newshound shares a tail-wagging tale of caution! A grandmother nearly got tricked into giving her bank details to a scammer pretending to be Hollywood star Robert de Niro. Time to teach the grown-ups to Stop, Think, and Check just like Squiz-E does!

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