Wednesday, May 8, 2024

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T-Rex tool theory busted; Wisconsin bus hero saves the day; a ‘shear’ genius’ world record; and repercussions for rankings.

Some boys just got expelled for making a list about girls’ appearances. It’s a big reminder about treating everyone with respect. And hey, let’s celebrate the amazing women and girls in our lives this Mother’s Day!

Talk about a bus ride adventure! When Acie Holland saw his bus driver pass out, he jumped to the rescue, stopping the bus and saving the day. This brave act turned him into his town’s hero!

Scientists are scratching their heads over how smart T-Rex really was. First, they thought it was as clever as a monkey, but now? Maybe just as sharp as a crocodile. Phew, imagine if those massive dinos were super smart too!

Jeanine Kimm isn’t just fast with the shears; she’s record-breaking fast! Shearing 358 sheep in one chilly day, she’s not only made history but also raised money for a great cause. What a champ!

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