Thursday, February 8, 2024

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Happy new Year of the Dragon; Brazil’s new camouflage frog; beware deep fake audio; and a real-life invisibility cloak.

This weekend, Australia’s streets will turn into a dragon’s playground, celebrating the Lunar New Year in style! It’s not a fairy tale invasion but a vibrant fest marking the Year of the Dragon.

Bryce takes us to Brazil where a frog with a wardrobe to envy has been discovered – it changes colors from yellow by day to brown at night! Plus, Aussies have been busy recording over a million frog calls, including one that’s a mix between a chicken and a lawnmower. Talk about a ribbiting choir!

Imagine playing hide and seek and never being found – thanks to science, this might just become reality! Chinese scientists have whipped up a material that makes you invisible to radar. Yes, just like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, but for the real world.

Squiz E the Newshound is on the case, sniffing out audio deep fakes where AI clones voices to fool us all. From fake politicians to phony phone calls, it’s a jungle of jibber-jabber out there.

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