Thursday, December 7, 2023

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A League of Aussie Legends; Big Ben makes a fashion statement?; an Aussie on the moon; and a runaway Rudolph.



Australasia’s top sporting teams: data:

Big Ben seemingly in a yellow jacket:

Australia’s Moon Roo-ver mission with NASA:

All about Hanukkah for kids:


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Which teams come to mind when I say the words ‘Australia’s Top Sporting Teams’? Think about their winning record over the past five years, their player development and retention, and club culture. 

Well, according to a team of sports analysts – who compiled data on sporting teams from all different sports and compared their performances across a five year period from 2019 – the Penrith Panthers men’s National Rugby League team have been named Australia’s top team – followed closely by the A-League’s Melbourne City and New Zealand Super Rugby Team, the Crusaders. 

But one of the other top teams to have made the list (which features 173 teams in all) you may never have heard of. 


The Chiefs ESport Club came in at number 11, above the Brisbane Lions men’s AFL team and the Melbourne Storm men’s NRL team.


The Chiefs play a game called League of Legends. For those of you not in the know, it’s a multi-player, battle arena game where two teams of five players battle it out to gain experience points, earn gold and purchase items to defeat the opposing team. 


The team trains together every day from 10am to 6pm, and because their job involves lots of sitting, they need to manage their fitness and nutrition to keep healthy and avoid injuries to their hands. One of their star players says, I don’t like Red Bull because it gets me too energised. I like being calm.he prefers to stay hydrated with English Breakfast Tea instead. What a legend!


I’ve stuck a link in today’s episode notes to the full list of top teams if you want to see where your favourite one came in. 



Each day, we give the world globe a spin and find a news story from wherever it stops, and today we’ve landed in London … the capital city of England, where [HOWL]… oh Squiz E, I thought we might find you here! …where the famous clock tower that houses the bell named Big Ben….[insert chime]  … is causing quite a stir on social media.

A video of the clocktower has been circulating this week… because it appears to show the Big Ben tower wearing a Yellow puffer jacket made by the outdoor brand, NorthFace. Now we know that the temperature in London has been chilly this week, but really? 

A reverse Google Image Search revealed that the video was posted on Instagram by sneaker and sportswear brand, JD Sports with the caption “We’re all on an expedition”. Though it’s clearly an ad, as the people in the video are wearing NorthFace jackets and hats, JD Sports doesn’t  acknowledge that the video is computer-generated. However, there are a couple of clues that point to the video being a fake. For example, one woman is shown pointing in the wrong direction, and a phone that is seemingly being used to capture the clock tower appears not to be turned on. I’ve stuck a link in the episode notes so you can see for yourself.

So, while it’s a very clever advertising stunt, it’s important, as Squiz-E is always reminding us, to STOP, THINK and CHECK, and recognise what’s real and what’s not. Thanks Squiz-E, you’ve done it again.



Australia is going to the Moon, people! No, not you or me…yet, but a moon rover that has been named in a popular vote by the Australian public. Eight thousand submissions were received by the Australian Space Agency for a new, Australian-made Moon rover and more than 20,000 people voted on the top four names. The runners up were Coolamon, which is an Indigenous name for a multi-purpose tool used for gathering; Kakirra, an Indigenous name for the Moon; and Mateship. Even Rover McRoverface made an appearance but the winner was….. Roo-ver… our moon-roving kangaroo.

The vehicle itself, which will be about the size of an average school desk and weigh just 20 kilos, is set to be launched by NASA in 2026 as a part of their ‘Moon to Mars’ program. And it’s job? To collect moon soil and analyse it for oxygen with the hope that it will be one day extracted for rocket fuel and for breathing.

I’ve stuck a link to an artist’s impression of the vehicle in your episode notes. For a machine that has to endure the harsh temperatures and radiation of space, it’s really cute!




[“Calling all cars, calling all cars, be on the lookout for two reindeer believed to be travelling on hoof on the motorway. There’s no jolly man in red or sleigh in sight”] [radio sfx]

Police and motorists in the English County of Suffolk were stunned this week to see two reindeer making their way down the A11 motorway. Roads were closed for several hours as the police attempted to arrest the reindeer’s progress and herd them safely away from the road.

No, it wasn’t Dasher and Dancer taking a quick holiday before the Christmas rush.The reindeer had been hired for a Christmas display on a nearby estate but had gotten loose and wandered onto the motorway. The owners used food and another reindeer to coax them back to safety. Deary me!


Sound of seagulls)

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of summer holidays my friends … and they’re just around the corner.

Which also means an end to school (CHEER) and an end to Squiz Kids Daily News podcasts for the year … (BOO!) In fact, this is our FINAL DAILY POD for the year – and Bryce will be with you for the S’Quiz on Friday – but then it’s holiday time! 

But don’t panic … we’re not about to leave you completely in the lurch. As with every summer holiday – we’ve got a whole bunch of summer content planned to keep you entertained.

Every Friday of the holidays we’ll be putting out a Bumper Kids v Adults Quiz – on topics as varied as the World’s Weirdest Animals and Movies of 2023 – to see who’s smarter: kids or adults.

Every Monday of the hols we’ll publish a Squiz Kids Shortcut – in topics as varied as Xmas Traditions Around The World to Ice-Cream and Rollercoasters.

And don’t forget our Great Big Squiz Kids Joke-A-Thon – which will drop on Monday the 18th of December…just in time for your Christmas Road Trip.

We had SO many excellent jokes sent in – we can’t wait to share them with you.

And of course, a Squiz Kids Book Club episode every Wednesday – where kids review books for other kids.

AND … we’ll be sharing the podcast of our recent Canberra LIVE show – which is packed with fun. 

All this great content will drop in the Squiz Kids feed over the hols … just subscribe in your favourite podcasting app to make sure you don’t miss out.

So whether you’re on a road trip or hanging at home – Squiz Kids has got you covered this summer! You’re welcome.


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This is the part of the podcast where you get to test how well you’ve been listening …

  1. What is the name of the ESport Team that is amongst the top Aussie Teams?
  2. What was unusual about the Big Ben clocktower in the video circulating on social media?
  3. What is the name of the Australian-built rover that will be sent to the moon in 2026?




It’s December 7 … only 18 days until Xmas …. And the first day of Hanukkah, a very special Jewish celebration, also known as the Festival of light. Hanukkah starts this evening a finishes on the evening of December 15. I’ve stuck a link to a video in the episode notes if you’d like to find out more about it. 


It’s also a special day for these Squiz Kids celebrating a birthday today… Oliver from Oak Park, Aasha from Burwood East, Phoebe from Templestowe, JJ from Bendigo, Zoe from Wantirna, Xuan from Chester Hill, Eden from Coolongolook, Bella and Marc from Riverwood and William from Hackett. 


A belated shout out goes to… Matilda from Holsworthy


Classroom shout outs go to … class 2E and Mrs Ellis at Ambarvale Public School, 

Stage 1 at Matong Public School and happy birthday to their teacher Mrs Smith, all students at Eschol Park Public School, Mr Aagawor’s class at Murray Farm Public School, class 5H with Mr Guy at Mansfield State School, class 5/6 with Mrs Dickinson at St Mary’s Primary School in Rutherglen, class 3D with Miss Turvey at Belmont State School, class 6H with Mrs Hall at Freshwater Christian College in Cairns, class 6G at Minto Public School, year 3 with Mrs Evans at St Paul’s Primary School in Moss Vale, class 5A with Mrs Rondson at Boonah State School, class 6K with Miss Hilliard at St Andrews Public School, class 3/4 Blue with Mrs Dixon at Coledale Public School and LASTLY classes 2AE and 2SB at Rosanna Golf Links Primary School.


That was the last of our classroom shout outs for the year, we have so many requests still in our queue and we are so sorry for not getting to them all – Teachers, we suggest getting in early and submitting your shoutout request for next year when you find out who your class will be so that you’ll be right at the top of the list in 2024. 


The S’Quiz Answers:

  1. The Chiefs
  2. It was dressed in a yellow puffer jacket
  3. Roo-ver