Thursday, March 7, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast.

Fire ants on the march; America’s Super Tuesday; Squiz-E spots a deep fake; and let the AFL season begin!

Imagine tiny invaders with six legs taking over Australia, causing more trouble than rabbits or cane toads! This week, politicians are scratching their heads over fire ants. These little critters are not just pests; they’re a pain (literally!) with a bite that packs a punch.

It’s like the ultimate superhero face-off, but with voters and candidates! Super Tuesday saw folks in 15 states choosing their champion to run for President. Will it be a Biden comeback or a Trump triumph? The race is on, and it’s getting louder than a superhero’s boom!

Grab your snacks and supporters gear; the AFL season is kicking off with a bang!  From Sydney to Brisbane, it’s a full-on sports weekend. Who will be the victor? Stay tuned for thrilling matches and possible munchies shortages!

Squiz-E, the Newshound, is on a mission to bust internet hoaxes! This week, he’s digging up deep fakes that look eerily real. Don’t be fooled by fake TV reports; Squiz-E teaches us to STOP, THINK and CHECK. Become a Newshound and outsmart the tricksters!

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BBC Earth Experience Family Pass Giveaway

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre is currently hosting the BBC Earth Experience. The experience will take visitors on a majestic 360-degree audio visual journey as they marvel and explore iconic landscapes and connect with mesmerising animals on an epic adventure bringing environments to life, all with bespoke narration from Sir David Attenborough. It feels like you have stepped into the natural world and lost yourself in boundless wonder, as you travel to far flung places.

Want to win one of three family passes we have to give away? Simply create a 20-second video of yourself as you pretend to narrate your very own Earth Experience documentary. Email your video to us at [email protected] by this Friday, the 8th of March, with your parents’ permission for us to use the video on our social media, and we’ll announce the lucky winners next Monday.