Wednesday, February 7, 2024

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King Charles’ cancer diagnosis; a deadly disease is on the way out; doggo at the dentist; and it’s a Grammys wrap.

King Charles has shared that he’s been diagnosed with cancer and is taking a break from royal duties to focus on his treatment. It’s a reminder of the importance of health checkups and supporting each other.

In Cameroon, a quarter million kids are lining up, but it’s not for treats—it’s for a vaccine to fight malaria! Thanks to the new Mosquirix vaccine, they’re taking a big step to beat mosquitoes. Here’s to science making mosquitoes less scary and saving lives!

From four-legged friends offering cuddles at the dentist to daring rescues on ice, it’s clear why dogs are everyone’s best buddies!

At this year’s Grammys, it was all about the ladies! From Kylie Minogue’s dance hit to Taylor Swift making history, and not forgetting the amazing performances and awards, these talented women are hitting the high notes and inspiring music fans everywhere!

What’s a gramophone?

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