Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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The King to visit Down Under; Wales’ bomb in a garden; Return of the sand-surfing mole; and Australia’s greatest mullet.

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Time to break out the good crockery, put the kettle on and be ready to use your best manners – following news yesterday that King Charles and Queen Camilla are planning a visit to Australia next year. 

Diplomatic sources yesterday confirmed that October next year was the most likely time for the new King and his new Queen to make their first visit as monarchs to Australia.

But the big question already being asked is: what sort of reception will he receive? And will this visit be more of a popularity test than a diplomatic mission?

You see, modern day Australia is what is called a constitutional monarchy – meaning we are our own country, with its own government – but because of our historical ties to England – our head of state is the King of England … who at this point in time is King Charles III. 

For many years now lots of Australians have been saying we should be a republic. Which would mean cutting ties with England and having an Australian as our head of state. Many other Australians disagree – and say that if the current system isn’t broken, why try to fix it?

Australia is also part of what’s called the Commonwealth – which is a group of countries around the world that used to be ruled by England – and still have the British monarch as their head of state. But the question is whether the Commonwealth has run its course … a question that’s being asked a lot at the moment as country after country cancels plans to host the Commonwealth Games.

There will be lots of flag waving supporters when the King comes to town – but you can bet it will also be the catalyst for lots of conversations about whether a King from the other side of the world should be our head of state and on the back of our coins. What do you think?



Each day we give the world globe a spin and find a news story from wherever it stops – and today we’ve landed in Wales … where an elderly couple are sad after the pet bomb they kept in their garden was exploded by the army.

Yep – there’s a lot to unpack in this story.

77-year old Jeffrey and his wife Sian told reporters in Wales this week how sorry they were to have lost an old navy ship bomb which they had had as a garden ornament for almost 50 years. 

Sian was especially disappointed, according to reports, because she used to bang the bomb with her garden spade to remove excess dirt. 

For what I hope are obvious reasons – having an old bomb that hasn’t yet exploded, lying around your garden is not all that safe. To whack that bomb semi-regularly with a garden implement is even less safe.

So it was that within an hour being alerted to the bomb’s presence, an bomb disposal unit rolled into the couple’s village, took away the bomb to a nearby quarry, buried it under tonnes of sand, and detonated it – which is a fancy way of saying, they blew it up.

Maybe they ought to go traditional for their next garden ornament – and go with a garden gnome. Far less explode-y.



And it’s a warm welcome back to the world to the sand surfing  golden mole of South Africa – which has been rediscovered by a clever sniffer dog called Jesse.

The De Winton golden mole is blind – as many moles are – and spends its days sliding under ground through the sand dunes, thanks to a special oily secretion that comes out of its glossy fur.

The De Winton golden mole had been feared extinct … as no one had seen one since 1937.

But scientists put Jessie the super sniffer dog to work – a clever border collie – and she sniffed out a few trails that the golden mole had left in the sand.

By collecting sand samples, and examining the DNA found in them – including mole snot and mole poo – they were able to confirm they were the trails of the De Winton golden mole.

How clever is that? 

Good dog, Jessie … you sniffed out some mole pooh. Give that pup a treat. 

And yes: I’ve stuck a link to photos and video of the mole in today’s episode notes. It’s super cute. 



They call it the haircut that’s party at the back and business at the front … and thanks to the NRLs Ryan Papenhuyzen and Tino Fa’asuamaleaui – the mullet has become fashionable again .. maybe you know someone in your class with a mullet? Maybe you have one yourself.

Well all things mullet have just been celebrated at Mulletfest in the NSW Central Coast town of Kurri Kurri  – where the best and bushiest mullets on the heads of Aussies aged 3 to 83 have been judged. 

There were Best Mullet awards to given to kids, and Best Mullet awards given to adults – there were even people flying in from overseas with their flowing long locks to take part in the comp. 

I’ve stuck a link to a photo gallery in today’s episode notes.

But finally, there could only be one winner … and it was a bloke called Mitchell White – who told the Today Show, ‘it’s not about how long your mullet is, it’s how you wear it”. 

AS we go into the Xmas break and don’t have to have our hair cut for school … I think there’s something in that for all of us … 


Sound of seagulls)

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of summer holidays my friends … and they’re just around the corner.

Which also means an end to school (CHEER) and an end to Squiz Kids Daily News podcasts for the year … (BOO!) In fact, this is our second last DAILY POD for the year – we’ll have one more tomorrow and a Quiz on Friday – but then it’s holiday time! 

But don’t panic … we’re not about to leave you completely in the lurch. As with every summer holiday – we’ve got a whole bunch of summer content planned to keep you entertained.

Every Friday of the holidays we’ll be putting out a Bumper Kids v Adults Quiz – on topics as varied as the World’s Weirdest Animals and Movies of 2023 – to see who’s smarter: kids or adults.

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AND … we’ll be sharing the podcast of our recent Canberra LIVE show – which is packed with fun. 

All this great content will drop in the Squiz Kids feed over the hols … just subscribe in your favourite podcasting app to make sure you don’t miss out.

So whether you’re on a road trip or hanging at home – Squiz Kids has got you covered this summer! You’re welcome.


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(JINGLE BELLS) Christmas is a time for giving, right? I mean, I know – we all like to be on the receiving end of something from Santa’s sack .. but the true spirit of the festive season is about giving … and that’s why this Christmas Squiz Kids has partnered with Connected AU to help bring a bit of Christmas joy to an aged care home near you. Announcing the Squiz Kids Christmas Card Appeal … how does it work? We’re asking every Squiz Kid to write a Christmas card to an aged care resident – just a little message of festive cheer, maybe a drawing, to brighten their day and let them know that no matter how alone they might feel – someone, somewhere is thinking of them this Christmas.

All you have to do is post your Christmas card to Connected AU’s office in Dubbo by December 5 (that’s tomorrow my friends) – the address is in today’s episode notes and on our social media – and they’ll make sure it gets passed on to a resident of an aged care home. A simple act of kindness for Christmas that will go a long, long way! 


This is the part of the podcast where you get to test how well you’ve been listening …

  1. In which country has a sniffer dog just discovered a long lost sand surfing mole?
  2. In which country did the army just blow up a bomb that had been sitting in a couple’s garden for decades?
  3. What’s the name of King Charles’s Queen – who will be joining him on a visit to Oz next year?




It’s December 6 … only 19 days until Xmas …. That’s right, just two weeks and five days my friends! Deck the halls with boughs of holly! 


It’s also a special day for these Squiz Kids celebrating a birthday today… Gwen from Flagstaff Hill, Jeevanthika from Point Cook. Imogen from Drysdale, Rohan from The Ponds, Avelyn from Wantirna and Max from Riverwood. 


Belated shout outs go to… Mason from Tregear, Joe from Riverwood and Mitchell from Gulgong. 


Classroom shout outs go to … Class 5/6T with Mrs Zantis at Middle Harbour Public School, class 5N and Ms Biedak at St Andrew’s Catholic School in Ferny Grove, all the year 6 classes at St Patrick’s Primary School in Sutherland, students at Saints Michael and John’s Primary School in Horsham, class 2R with Ms Rachel at Westgarth Primary School in Northcote, stage 1 with Mrs Bragg at St Philip’s Christian College in Newcastle, class 6R with Mrs Rawson at Pennant Hills Public School, class 6S with Miss H at St Thomas’ School in Mareeba, class TG with Miss Gosbell at Whittington Primary School in Geelong, all of the students at Inglewood Primary School, room 10 literacy with Miss Turner at Boulder Primary School, class 5/6A and Ms Martha at Princess Hill Primary School and lastly a special shout out to Miss Hutt’s class at Exeter Primary School. 


The S’Quiz Answers:

  1. South Africa
  2. Wales
  3. Queen Camilla