Monday, May 6, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast.

New hope for kids with peanut allergies; Cleaning up poop in Paris; Orangutans playing doctor; and it’s meteor shower time!

Great news for peanut fans and not-so-fans! Scientists are buzzing with progress on treating peanut allergies. Imagine munching on a Snickers without worry! Though it’s early days, a new drug is showing promise, making peanut scares a thing of the past for some lucky kids.

The Mayor of Paris is diving into the Seine to show it’s not yucky anymore, just in time for the Olympics! With nose plugs ready, this ‘Seine pool party’ might just be the bravest dip yet!

An orangutan in Indonesia is turning heads by using a leaf as medicine! This clever ape dabbing its wound is the first animal seen practicing such smart self-care—nature’s pharmacy at work!

A Japanese probe, despite a rocky lunar landing, is still sending snapshots from the moon’s dark side! It’s surviving against all odds, keeping the space dream alive and exciting for us Earthlings.

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