Wednesday, June 5, 2024

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Giant goose dino discovery; Mexico’s mummy museum; historic space flight countdown; and big wins for Matildas and the Demon.

Paleontologists in Australia have discovered a perfectly preserved skull of a giant goose that roamed 50,000 years ago! This colossal bird, weighing about 240 kg, lived alongside megafauna and early Indigenous Australians. Imagine the size of its eggs! Check out the link for an amazing drawing of this ancient bird.

Shortcut to Megafauna

In Mexico, a mummy museum is in hot water after one of its exhibits lost an arm during a move. Mummies, preserved ancient humans, are delicate and often creepy-looking. This mishap adds a new, unintended twist to the museum’s collection. Don’t worry, it’s ‘armless now!

Australia celebrated as the Matildas secured a 2-0 victory over China, boosting their chances for the Paris Olympics. Meanwhile, Alex ‘The Demon’ de Minaur smashed his way into the French Open quarter-finals. A fantastic day for Aussie sports, and tonight it’s State of Origin! Go team!

The countdown is on for an exciting space mission from the USA! The Boeing Starliner will send two astronauts to the International Space Station, rehearsing for future Moon missions. After a weekend delay, they’re set to lift off tonight. Fingers crossed for a smooth journey!

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