Monday, February 5, 2024

Your daily kids news podcast.

New rules to stay safe online; New Zealand’s spag bol pie; Canada’s 100-year-old swim champ; and $2 million whale poo.

Tomorrow’s Safer Internet Day is like a superhero reminder for us web wanderers! It’s a big digital high-five to staying safe online. Think of it as your guide to dodging internet ickies and making the web a nicer neighborhood.

New Zealand’s shaking up snack time with a spaghetti bolognese and cheese pie, causing a tasty turmoil! It’s like a flavor party in a pie, but not everyone’s convinced.

Ever thought whale poo could be a treasure? Well, it turns out it’s worth a whopping $2 million for being the ocean’s fertilizer! Humpback whales are the unsung heroes, keeping sea life thriving.

Betty Brussel proves age is just a number by smashing three swimming world records at 99! She started swimming in her 70s, showing us it’s never too late to dive into your dreams.

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