Monday, June 3, 2024

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Rocket lands on the far side of Moon; America’s spelling bee champ; Aussie Demon on French Open roll; and X-ray cookies.

China’s Chang-e 6 rocket landed on the Moon’s far side, marking a big step toward sending astronauts there. A rover will gather Moon dirt and rocks, then launch them back to Earth for scientists to study. It’s a mind-blowing mix of math and engineering magic!

In the USA, 12-year-old Bruhat Soma won the Spelling Bee, correctly spelling 29 tough words in 90 seconds. With words like heautophany and nachschläge, Bruhat took home a whopping $75,000 prize. Who knew spelling could be so rewarding?

Aussie tennis star Alex De Minaur won an epic eight-hour match in Paris, thanks to a young fan’s cheering. Inspired by the kid, Alex now searches Instagram to bring his lucky charm back for tonight’s big match. Go Demon, go!

In Britain, Cadbury scientists are using x-rays to bake the perfect cookie. The x-ray oven snapshots cookies as they bake, helping create the ultimate crunch. This delicious research is set to make the world a happier, crunchier place!

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