Friday, September 15 – Kids vs Adults Weekly News S’Quiz

A fun, five minute quiz to test who’s been paying the most attention to the week that just was …


Alright kids – here are your five questions …

  1. What was discovered deep in the cold, cold ocean off the coast of Alaska recently? Was it a) pirate treasure, b) a megalodon or c) a mysterious golden orb? ….any of those discoveries would have been amazing!


  1. The phrase ‘shower what?’ was added was amongst the 500 plus words added to this week. I’ll give you a hint, it’s something juicy that TikTokers are eating in the shower.


  1. This week, Bryce introduced you to a new invasive species with a fabulous name. They were released into the wild by pet owners in Melbourne and have since been banned from sale in pet stores. Is it, a) the funky carpet python, b) the smooth newt or c) the sassy spider?


  1. Thousands of dollars worth of tree saplings were damaged or destroyed at a nursery near the Northern NSW city of Lismore recently. This week, the thief was finally captured on site because they were too full to move after eating their fill of the eucalypt saplings. Who was the cuddly thief?


  1. And finally one that speaks to me as the school holidays approach. What have some citizens of Montenegro been doing in an attempt to win the coveted title of the Laziest Montenagrin?



  1. c) a mysterious golden orb
  2. Shower orange
  3. b) the smooth newt
  4. Claude the koala
  5. Lying down


How did you go kids? How many did you get right out of five? Reckon you’re going to beat the adults? Yeah – I reckon so too..


Alright adults – now it’s your turn …fire up the grey matter – here we go … 


  1. Let’s start with a sporting question. Coco Gauff [gawf], this week became one the tenth teen to win the US Open Women’s Singles Tennis title. How old is Coco? 


  1. What activity was halted with immediate effect this week in parts of NSW’s mid-north coast in a bid to protect twenty per cent of the state’s wild koala population? 


  1. The CSIRO released a report on the state of Australian’s diets this week. It probably won’t be a surprise to hear that Aussies are not eating enough of what? Is it a) choccies and biccies b) chips and popcorn or c) veggies?


  1. Which iconic sitcom family home sold at auction this week for almost $5 million Aussie dollars? And I’ll give you a hint, there’s a stone-covered entryway, a very groovy orange and avocado-green formica kitchen and no toilet.


  1. Russian leader Vladimir Putin met with which reclusive world leader who travelled into Russia by private bulletproof train this week and asked questions about the size and power of Russia’s largest rocket? (North Korea’s Kim Jong Un)



  1. 19
  2. Logging
  3. c) veggies
  4. The Brady Bunch house
  5. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un


How did you go adults? How many did you get right?


Did you beat the kids? Who won bragging rights this week?


If you’ve missed any of those cool news stories throughout the week and you want to refresh your memory – all of this week’s Squiz Kids episodes are available for a re-listen wherever you get your podcasts …


That’s the end of the quiz – which means now it’s time for …




It’s Friday, September 15 — National Cheese Toast Day! This day was started in the US by Del Johnson, the founder of Sizzler Restaurants. He opened the first one wayy back in 1958. Every day is cheese toast day in my house!


And because it’s the last podcast before school holidays, I think we get to make it reggae day… right? Hit it …


Happy birthday today to… Liam from Flagstaff Hill, Charlie from Orange, Isaak from Andrews Farm, Victoria from Ipswich, Lucy from Brisbane, Saskia from Ninderry, Seb from Abbotsford, Molly from Bondi Junction, Ikell from Mitchellton and Milli from Wolloongabba. 


And celebrating a birthday over the coming weekend are… Will and Leilani from Junee, Maddy from Flagstaff Hill, Annabelle from Forster, Riley from Cannon Hill, Kathryn from Kensington, Arum from Carlingford, Adrien from Jerrabomberra, Jet from Dunedoo, Annabel from  The Rock, Arthur and Isolde from Albury, Jackson from New Farm, Neve from Shenton, Charlotte from Benowa, Henry from Yass, Ricky from Oak Park, Harry T from Exeter, Denver from Gundagai, Raphaella from Matraville, Alexia from Tempe and Isabella from Alexandra Heads