Friday, September 1 – Kids vs Adults Weekly News S’Quiz

A fun, five minute quiz to test who’s been paying the most attention to the week that just was …




Alright kids – here are your five questions …

  1. Let’s kick things off with a sports question. Which AFL player, whose name makes it sound like he’d be a great pal, played his final game for the Sydney Swans last weekend?
  2. This week we heard in the podcast how the London Zoo had the humongous task of doing what, to every one of their 14,000 animals? Was it a) clipping their toenails b) weighing and measuring them or c) giving them a bath.
  3. Which lunar event, that only occurs very rarely, did stargazers have the chance to see on Wednesday and Thursday this week?
  4. This one’s a true or false question. True or false, evidence proving the existence of the Loch Ness Monster was discovered this week by scientists using sounds and heat-seeking equipment in the famous Scottish Loch?
  5. And finally, which very important event did Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announce will be taking place on October 14 later this year?



  1. Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin
  2. b) weighing and measuring
  3. A blue supermoon
  4. Sadly, false
  5. The Referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament


How did you go kids? How many did you get right out of five? Reckon you’re going to beat the adults? Yeah – I reckon so too..

Alright adults – now it’s your turn …fire up the grey matter – here we go … 


  1. Let’s start off with a true or false question on referendums. True or false, 12 of Australia’s 44 previous referendums to alter the Constitution, have been successful?
  2. Which pop superstar who’ll be visiting Australia later this year, sang a tribute to former Socceroos’ coach Ange Postecoglou, after hearing the fans’ of his new team, Tottenham Hotspurs’, rendition of his song?
  3. Which Gen Z food obsession has racked up 9.6 billion views on the video-sharing platform TikTok, driving an increase in sales of 55% over last year? Is it a) #pickles, b)#cookies or c)#insects
  4. One particular photograph went viral this week. It has been plastered all over merchandise. It’s on t-shirts, coffee mugs and caps and has raised more than $11 million dollars for one US presidential candidate. What is that photo? 
  5. As we heard in the podcast this week – which annual event, held in Wales this week, saw participants strip down, don fancy swimming caps and plunge into some very murky water? Was it a) the bog snorkelling championships? b) the Commonwealth Games trials or c) the Cardiff Triathlon?


  1. False, only eight have succeeded
  2. Robbie Williams
  3. a)#pickles
  4. Donald Trump’s mugshot
  5. The bog snorkelling championships


How did you go adults? How many did you get right?

Did you beat the kids? Who won bragging rights this week?

If you’ve missed any of those cool news stories throughout the week and you want to refresh your memory – all of this week’s Squiz Kids episodes are available for a re-listen wherever you get your podcasts …

That’s the end of the quiz – which means now it’s time for …



It’s Friday, September 1  —  The first day of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere while the Northern part of the world moves into Autumn. Let’s hope things start cooling down for the folks up there.

It’s also a Friday and you know what that means? Heaps of birthday shout outs for today and the coming weekend – for which, I reckon we need to crack out the ol’ birthday reggae tune … hit it ..

Happy birthday today to…   Sarah from Cannon Hill, Ava and Max from Oyster Bay, Zeah (pronounced Ze-AR) from Woongarrah, Sofia from Brisbane, Nina from Helensvale, Sansa from Coolongolook, David from Holland Park West, Emma from Roseville, Henry from Toowoomba, Milla from Currumbin Beach, Colin from Mount Gravatt, Melissa from Point Cook and Gabrielle from Arana Hills.

And celebrating a birthday over the coming weekend are… 

Brittany from Sydney, Tilly from Naremburn, Wilbur from Jerilderie, Nate and Jake from Paraburdoo, Siya from Wheelers Hill, Vivian from Vaucluse, Max from The Gap and Inara from Pakenham.