Friday, 30 July, 2021

Another golden day for Oz; Fiji’s rugby bank notes; Arthur the aardvark says goodbye; and why it’s time to cuddle a cow.



Fijians sing 

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And the gold just keeps on coming! It was another cracker of a day in Tokyo yesterday for Aussie Olympians as they struck gold not once, but twice – and pulled a silver and bronze into the mix.

With eight gold medals, Australia now sits at a remarkable 4th position on the medal tally – behind China, USA and Japan – but ahead of much larger countries like Russia, Great Britain, France and Germany. 

Now, admittedly, it’s early days in the competition and there’s a lot of water to go under the Olympic bridge – and lots of events still to be run –  before the final medal tally is known, but let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

Speaking of water under bridges, Aussie whitewater queen, Jess Fox fulfilled a lifetime ambition claiming gold in the women’s canoe slalom event. Until this Olympics, it was a event that only men competed in. Go Jess! This is her third Olympics – and the gold medal will go nicely with the Olympic silver and bronze medals she’s already got at home.

Brisbane breaststroker, Zac Stubblety Cook came out of nowhere – with the best surname in the history of ever – to win gold in the pool in the men’s 200 metre breaststroke. It’s the first time an Aussie has won that event since the last Olympics in Tokyo – back in 1964. Go Zac!




Each day we give the world globe a spin and find a news story from wherever it stops. And today we’ve landed in the South Pacific islands of Fiji, where ecstatic rugby fans yesterday were waving their $7 notes in celebration at a second gold medal for their country. 

That’s right, I said $7 notes. Four years ago, Fiji printed the world’s only $7 banknotes to commemorate – that means mark a special occasion – their men’s rugby sevens team winning Fiji’s first ever Olympic gold medal. 

The $7 notes are legal tender, meaning that you can go and spend them buying bread and milk, but lots of people hang onto them for good luck. 

And this week, it was lucky number seven again, when Fiji stunned rugby powerhouses New Zealand in the gold medal match. The team sent tingles down the world’s spine when, after their national anthem played, they burst into a glorious rendition of a traditional song. There’s a link to a video in your episode notes … and believe me, these blokes aren’t just champion runners, passers, and tacklers – they have serious musical chops, too.  



Oh Arthur … say it isn’t so! I’m talking about popular kids cartoon Arthur – you know, Arthur the aardvark? A staple of ABC Me … that afternoon telly regular also featuring D.W, Buster and Francine? It was announced yesterday by Arthur’s creators that after 25 years, the show would come to an end at the start of next year. 

Arthur is the longest-running kids animated series in history .. which is no small thing. Even if you think you’re too cool for it now, I bet you all grew up glued to Arthur at some point in your lives. Because long before Bluey the cattle dog was helping kids make sense of the weird world of grown ups, Arthur and friends were teaching us all of life’s important lessons. Bye Arthur – you’ll be missed. 




With everything going on in the world right now – I’m looking at you Greater Sydney  – it’s easy to feel a little bit stressed and just the slightest bit overwhelmed.

Which is why a new business has just started in far north Queensland called the Cow Cuddling Company.

As its name suggests, it’s offering anyone who wants the opportunity to come along and spend an hour in a paddock cuddling a cow. According to the business owners, cow cuddling is really good for making people happy.

There are eight cows to choose from – including Ella, Sophia, Daisy, Milkshake – and Milkshake’s calf, Babycino. And everyone who’s spent an hour snuggling up to a cow reckons they feel better immediately afterwards.

Pass me the Milkshake baby, I don’t know about you, but I could definitely do with a cow cuddle. 




They’re called the ‘twisties’ – and I’m not talking about those delicious snacks that come in cheese or chicken flavour (chicken is definitely the best, for the record). In gymnastics, the twisties is that funny feeling you get when your body is good to go and do some really crazy stuff – but your head is not so sure. Your tummy feels a bit funny – and suddenly the confidence that you once had that you can do something no problemo has evaporated and you’re feeling just a little bit wobbly. That’s what American gymnast Simone Biles says made her pull out of competition at the Olympics on Wednesday. A decision that shocked the world – because she’s won eleventy hundred gold medals and is considered one of the greatest gymnasts of all times. Explaining her decision yesterday, Simone said she felt like she had ‘the weight of the world on her shoulders’. And the pressure was too great. And so she made the best decision for her mental health. 

Because sometimes the bravest, hardest thing to do is defy the world’s expectations and do what’s right for you. And for that reason Simone Biles, Squiz Kids salutes you.




Take a bow Squiz Kids … because it’s our 350th episode (cheer) and also because you’ve gone and done it again … remember how last year we won Best Family Podcast at the Australian Podcasting Awards? Well now we’ve been nominated for Best Australian Podcast in the Radio Today Podcast Awards (cheer) .. 

And why is that? Because of all the awesome listening you guys do every day – and all the wonderful feedback and support you give us here at Squiz Kids HQ. I’m proud of you all. Hoorah for us! 




This is the part of the podcast where you get to test how well you’ve been listening …

  1. A team from which country won the Olympic gold medal in the men’s rugby 7s and had a bank note produced in their honour? 
  2. What’s the name of the children’s cartoon character who’s saying farewell after 25 years?
  3. What animal are people lining up to cuddle in Far North Queensland?




It’s July 30 .. International Day of Friendship … can I get an ahhhhhh?

Plus it’s a Friday … which means an extra-super-long birthday shout-outs segment – for which we’re going to have to crack out the birthday reggae tune ..

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Plus!!  … Because our friends in Greater Sydney are in lockdown at the moment – we’re sending out Home Learning Herograms …  

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