Friday, 28 April, 2023

India to overtake China in population race; all hail the chocolate King!; Tassie gets its AFL team and the moose that went to the movies.


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Do you know which country in the world has the most number of people living in it?  Well it’s China, and it’s been China for a very long time.


But that is set to change, with India about to become the most populated country on the planet.

India is a country in South East Asia. In terms of size – it’s the seventh largest country in the world – and in terms of people – it’s currently the second most populated country on the planet. 

The United Nations has been recording this data since 1950, and China has always had the biggest population since records began. But a report released this week by the UN shows that by June of this year, India is set to overtake China – reaching 1 point 4286 billion people.  Do you know how many zeros that is?!

That is 1 billion – 4 hundred and 28 million, 6 hundred – thousand people. Wowsers! 

And by June, that means there will be roughly 2.9 million more people living in India than in China.

Just to put it in perspective – we have just over 26 million people living in Australia. (that’s million – with an m. not billion with a b). 

So – yeah – we’ve got a bit of catching up to do.



Each day we give the world globe a spin and find a news story from wherever it stops – and today we’ve landed in England … wait. What? England again – we landed there yesterday. Must get that globe looked at ..

Why are we back in England? Because a team of sculptors there have created a life size model of King Charles using nothing but delicious Milky Ways, Twixes, Galaxies, Bountys and Malteser chocolates – mmmmmm – and the result is a delicious – and remarkable chocolate sculpture.

I’ve put a link in our episode notes so you can have a look.  The resemblance to the royal is really quite uncanny.

The chocolate company behind the creation have made a chocolate version of the King to celebrate Charles’ coronation – which is happening next week in London. As we’ve discussed before, a coronation is a ceremony where a crown is plonked on someone’s head and they are declared King or Queen.

But really the most important question is: who gets to eat it ?



After decades of dreaming, a path has been paved for Tasmania to get its own AFL team. Can I get a hallelujah? 

From 2027 – the AFL looks likely to have among its ranks the Tassie Devils – after Aussie PM Anthony Albanese yesterday committed to help build a stadium in Hobart. 

Tasmania has been wanting its own team in the AFL for years and years – so lots of folk on the Apple Isle are understandably excited. 

But what does it mean for AFL fans in general?  Well … any of your favourite players could be transferred from their current team to add to Tassie’s roster to make sure the team has a fighting chance when it joins the competition.

There’s also the fact that when the Tassie team plays the Melbourne Football Club it will be the Devils against the Demons. I wonder who will have rights to the pitch fork?

Let the games begin .. 



If I told you that a moose went to the movies in Alaska last week – you’d think I was kidding, right?

But I’m not. And as the video in today’s episode notes shows – the moose on the loose in the American state not only walked into the cinema foyer – he helped himself to a bucket of buttery popcorn as the candy bar attendant watched on in disbelief.

National parks authorities in Alaska reckon there are up to 200,000 moose in the wild in the rugged northern state. 

So was it the popcorn that drew him in – or did he just really want to see the Super Mario movie? I’m gonna say it was Mario … 



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It’s April 28 – Today is ‘Pay it Forward Day’. What does that mean? It means being nice just for the sake of putting some kindness out into the world. So make sure you do something nice for someone else today… , although that should be our motto every day.


It’s also a Friday … and you know what that means? Lots of birthday shout outs – and a perfect excuse to break out the birthday reggae tune .. oh yeah, a reggae day …. Hit it … 


Happy birthday today to … Zane from Oran Park, Kainen (pronounced Cay-nen) from Montmorency, Eimear (pronounced Ee-ma) from Ivanhoe, Charlotte from Albany Hills, Otto from Lane Cove, Izzy from Belrose, Maddi from Echuca, Lila and Lily – twins from Mt Gambier, Amelie from Thirroul, Emma from Cherrybrook and Frederick from Albion Park.


And to everyone having a birthday over the weekend… Layla from Junee, Sylvie from Thornbury, Karina from Brighton, Elliot from Seaford, Luca from Yandina, Teddy from Port Willunga, Eowyn (pronounced A-O-Win) from Wagga Wagga, Sam from Drummoyne and Evita from Floraville. 


And because many of you celebrated a birthday over the Easter holidays – we’re going to continue catching up on belated birthday shout outs .. because everyone deserves a birthday shout out … it’s a happy belated birthday to … Katia (pronounced Car-tia) from Oak Park, Ally, Piper and Tilly from Junee, Milan from Point Cook, Alan from Ringwood North, Wendy from St Ives, Rowan from The Gap, Lily from Flagstaff Hill, Sid from Yass, Tilly from Eschol Park, Sophia from Cannon Hill, Gus from Willunga, Sienna from Forest Lake, Josie from Toowong and Savannah from Albany Hills.


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