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Friday, September 8 – Kids vs Adults Weekly News S’Quiz

A fun, five minute quiz to test who’s been paying the most attention to the week that just was …



Alright kids – here are your five questions …


  1. We heard in the podcast this week how the people of Buñol, Spain, have been celebrating La Tomatina .. throwing what at each other  in a very colourful annual festival? Is it a) oranges, b) chickens, or c) tomatoes? (c. tomatoes)


  1. This one’s a true or false question. True or false? The Indian Space Agency this week successfully launched a mission to the Sun. (true)


  1. The NRL finals get underway this weekend – with eight teams vying for premiership glory … those teams are the Brisbane Broncos, the Canberra Raiders, the Newcastle Knights, the Melbourne Storm, the Penrith Panthers, the Cronulla Sharks, the Sydney Roosters and which team from New Zealand?


  1. We heard in the podcast this week how a woman in Tennessee has spent the past 33 years growing a world-record winning mullet. Is it a) 121 centimetres long, b) 172 centimetres or c) 312 centimetres? (b.172 cm)


  1. Scientists have been training dogs to sniff out the nests of which endangered species, so that their eggs can be counted? I’ll give you a hint, their babies have the adorable name of puggles! (platypus)



  1. c) tomatoes
  2. True
  3. New Zealand Warriors
  4. b) 172 centimetres
  5. The platypus


How did you go kids? How many did you get right out of five? Reckon you’re going to beat the adults? Yeah – I reckon so too..


Alright adults – now it’s your turn …fire up the grey matter – here we go … 


  1. Which divisive CEO retired a couple of months early this week as head of Australia’s national airline Qantas? (Alan Joyce)


  1. The possessions of which late, legendary frontman, have gone up for auction in London this week? I could just rhapsodise about him all day! (Freddie Mercury)


  1. Which favourite pavlova-topping fruit might you have to go without this Christmas, as supply dwindles due to the warmer winter weather preventing the plants from flowering this year? Is it a) strawberries, b) kiwi fruit or c) mangoes. (c. mangoes).


  1. A parade of which breed of dog, was held outside Buckingham Palace this week, to commemorate the first anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth II? (corgis)


  1. 70,000 people were trapped by what, at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada Desert this week? Was it a) mud, b) snow or c) coyotes?

(a. mud)



  1. Alan Joyce
  2. Freddie Mercury
  3. c) Mangoes
  4. Corgis
  5. a) Mud


How did you go adults? How many did you get right?


Did you beat the kids? Who won bragging rights this week?


If you’ve missed any of those cool news stories throughout the week and you want to refresh your memory – all of this week’s Squiz Kids episodes are available for a re-listen wherever you get your podcasts …


That’s the end of the quiz – which means now it’s time for …




It’s Friday, September 8 — the 78th birthday of TikTok celebrity, Grandad Frank, whose wholesome dance and comedy content has racked up more than 1.7 billion views. 


It’s also a Friday and you know what that means? Heaps of birthday shout outs for today and the coming weekend – for which, I reckon we need to crack out the ol’ birthday reggae tune … hit it ..


Happy birthday today to… Braxton from Woongarrah, Isabella from Lyons, Joy from Mernda, Henry from The Ponds, Lucas from Unanderra, Zara from Naremburn, Emilia from Canberra, Anderson from Hawthorn and Lowik listening over in Montreal, Canada. 


Belated wishes go to… Caroline from Pakenham and Sophie from Goulburn. 


And celebrating a birthday over the coming weekend are… 

Charlie from Ivanhoe, Levi from Balgowlah Heights, Dixie from Clifton Hill, Zach from Waverton, Charlie from Newtown, Valentino from Beveridge, Emma-Lee from Burpengary, Rhys from Yamanto, Samuel and Pat from Ipswich, Halle from Schofields, Andrew from Vermont South, Clara from West Pennant Hills, Harrison from Orangville, Millie from Goodna, Aleen from Holsworthy and Berrie listening over in the USA.