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Friday, August 18, 2023 – Kids vs Adults Weekly News S’Quiz

A fun kids vs adults news quiz to test who’s been paying the most attention to the week that just was.





Now it’s time to test how much of the week’s news you’ve retained. And in the process, see who’s smarter: kids or adults … 


Plus – of course – because it’s a Friday – we’ve got all today’s birthday shoutouts and all the shoutouts for the weekend coming … including the birthday reggae tune  – because it wouldn’t be a Friday without it.


Here’s how the quiz works: five questions for kids about the week in news – then five questions for adults.


 Whoever answers the most correct questions wins. Simples. 


You ready? Let’s do this …


Alright kids – here are your five questions …


  1. The biggest story all week was the Matildas … which country did they play on Wednesday night, and sadly lose to .. in the World Cup semi final?


  1. Just as the Australian women’s football team is known as the Matildas, the English women’s football team are also known by which other name .. I’ll give you a hint: they’re an apex predator on the African savannah …


  1. Last sports-oriented question, I promise: which team does Australia now play tomorrow in Brisbane in a playoff for third and fourth place?


  1. In the podcast this week we learned about how a troop of baboons in South Africa took on and defeated which sort of a big cat? Hint: they’re the fastest land animal in the world …


  1. Also in the pod this week we learned that a popular online gaming console plans to crack down on bad behaviour on its platform .. is it a) Nintendo Switch b) XBox or c) Atari? 



  1. England
  2. Lionesses
  3. Sweden
  4. Cheetah
  5. Xbox


How did you go kids? How many did you get right out of five? Reckon you’re going to beat the adults? Yeah – I reckon so too..


Alright adults – now it’s your turn …fire up the grey matter – here we go … 


  1. Let’s see how well you’ve retained your Matildas trivia this week .. what’s the name of the Matildas goal keeper who became a national heroine after Saturday’s quarter-final against France?


  1. What’s the name of the town in Maui that wildfires tore through earlier in the week?


  1. A famous volcano in Sicily blew its top this week – spewing lava and sending ash into the nearby city of Catania … which volcano am I talking about?


  1. Four Aussie surfers were found safe and sound this week after spending 36 hours lost at sea … off the coast of which Sumatran province did the surfers go missing?


  1. The Labor Party National Conference is taking place this weekend in which Australian capital city?



  1. Mackenzie Arnold
  2. Lahaina
  3. Mt Etna
  4. Aceh
  5. Brisbane 


How did you go adults? How many did you get right?


Did you beat the kids? Who won bragging rights this week?


If you’ve missed any of those cool news stories throughout the week and you want to refresh your memory – all of this week’s Squiz Kids episodes are available for a re-listen wherever you get your podcasts …


That’s the end of the quiz – which means now it’s time for …




It’s Friday August 18  —  today is Bullying: No Way! day .. a national day of action against bullying .. I’ve stuck a link to teaching resources in today’s episode notes ..


It’s also a Friday and you know what that means? Heaps of birthday shout outs for today and the coming weekend – for which, I reckon we need to crack out the ol’ birthday reggae tune … hit it ..


Happy birthday today to… Taylah from Junee, Tiffany from Woongarrah, Tyler from Moama, Ezekiel from Earlwood, Lachie from Cockburn, Dimitri from Kensington, Reyanah from Chatswood, Yannick from Putney, Georgia from Five Dock, Elisabeth from Forest Lake and Ollie from Trangie.


Belated shout outs go to… Daniel from South Kingsville, Frankie and Austin from Bathurst, Cassie from Coolongolook, Sigma from Sydney, Jasper from Tingira Heights and Ariana from Crows Nest.


And celebrating a birthday over the coming weekend are… Leon and Aidan from Vermont South, Mayce and Ella from Yass, Oscar from Bayswater, Katherine and Keenan from Munno Para, Alicia from Henley Beach South, Nina from Mount Annan, Sadhbh from Googong, Ollie and Scarlett from Flagstaff Hill, Tony from Oran Park, Emma from Woongarrah, Aliet from South Australia, Phoebe from Middle Harbour, Ben from The Gold Coast, Ari from Nightcliff, Lennox from Elwood, Tyson from Jerilderie and Alexander from Caversham.  


And a special birthday shout out to Mr Kenny at Cronulla Public School who is also celebrating a birthday over the weekend.