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Friday, 10 August, 2023 – Kids vs Adults Weekly News S’Quiz

A fun, five minute quiz to test who’s been paying the most attention to the week that just was.



Now it’s time to test how much of the week’s news you’ve retained. And in the process, see who’s smarter: kids or adults …

Plus – of course – because it’s a Friday – we’ve got all today’s birthday shoutouts and all the shoutouts for the weekend coming … including the birthday reggae tune  – because it wouldn’t be a Friday without it.

Here’s how the quiz works: five questions for kids about the week in news – then five questions for adults.

 Whoever answers the most correct questions wins. Simples. 

You ready? Let’s do this …

Alright kids – here are your five questions …

  1. It’s been Matildas, Matildas, Matildas all week this week as our national women’s football team went on a winning streak .. which European country, starting with D, did they beat on Monday night to cruise into tomorrow’s quarter final? Was it a) Denmark b) Dominican Republic or c) Deutschland?

2. Still on the Matildas, and still in Europe, which country starting with F will the Matilda’s hope to tackle in tomorrow afternoon’s quarter final

3. We heard in the pod this week about a great big lumbering wild animal from North America that had to be captured and removed with her cubs after she’d broken into no fewer than 21 homes in the Lake Tahoe region and helped herself to food in the pantries … what sort of animal am I talking about … and the clue is in the cubs ..

4. We also heard in the podcast this week how Scouts from all over the world had to be evacuated from their jamboree in South Korea because a cyclone was heading to towards their campsite .. what is the name, starting with T, given to cyclones that form in that part of the world? 

5. Who am I? I’m one of the best selling toys in the world and this week, the movie about me and my friends and the perfectly pink world in which we live, joined an exclusive club of films that have made more than $1 billion at the box office … 


  1. Denmark
  2. France
  3. Bear
  4. Typhoon
  5. Barbie

How did you go kids? How many did you get right out of five? Reckon you’re going to beat the adults? Yeah – I reckon so too..

Alright adults – now it’s your turn …fire up the grey matter – here we go … 



  1. Aussie Prime Minister Anthony Albanese kicked off the week with a visit to which big Indigenous festival in Arnhem Land? 

2. Let’s test your Matildas knowledge adults … what’s the name of the coach who’s been steering them through this World Cup campaign? 

3. The music world laid to rest one of its 80s icons in Ireland this week. Famous for her melding of rousing pop tunes with political activism – which artist am I talking about?

4. Last weekend saw the Wallabies tackle the All Blacks in New Zealand in the second game of the Bledisloe Cup .. what’s the name of the Aussie coach? Extra point if you can name the Sydney club at which he started his career as a hooker .. 

5. Name the Aussie fashion label that this week sold to a US private equity firm for an estimated $1.5 billion?  



  1. Garma Festival
  2. Toni Gustavsson
  3. Sinead O’Connor
  4. Eddie Jones + Randwick
  5. Zimmerman

How did you go adults? How many did you get right?

Did you beat the kids? Who won bragging rights this week?

If you’ve missed any of those cool news stories throughout the week and you want to refresh your memory – all of this week’s Squiz Kids episodes are available for a re-listen wherever you get your podcasts …

That’s the end of the quiz – which means now it’s time for …


It’s Friday August 11  — today is Thor actor, Chris Hemsworth’s birthday – happy birthday Thor! It’s also Red Nose Day here in Australia – so whack on a red nose today for a good cause …

It’s also a Friday and you know what that means? Heaps of birthday shout outs for today and the coming weekend – for which, I reckon we need to crack out the ol’ birthday reggae tune … hit it ..

Happy birthday today to… Isabella from Abbotsford, Imogen from Newrybar, Freddie from Box Hill, Ben from Sutherland, Catherine from Newcastle, Oliver B from Mooroolbark, Lyra from Richmond, Max from Eden Hill, Milla from Wagga Wagga, Destiny from Darwin, Peter from Epping, Isla from Calwell and Santiago listening over in Columbia!

Belated shout outs go to… Ashwyn from Marsden Park and Sonia from Carlingford.

And celebrating a birthday over the coming weekend are… Alexandra and Tom from Canberra, Livia from Wagga Wagga, Archie from Matong, Jacob from Sans Souci, Stella from Yass, Aleah from Cronulla, Lauryn from Woongarrah, Finn from Hunters Hill, Jackson from Ruse, Archie from Brisbane, Max from Ferntree Gully, Lily Wynnum, Zara from Port Neill, Tina from Pymble, Reyaansh (pronounced Ray-arsh) from Chatswood and lastly a special shout out to Marc from Shell Cove  – who is celebrating a special birthday today…welcome to the world of double digits Marc!