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Rosie’s Vanilla Cake

It’s been raining allllll week in Brisbane, and I know down south they are having a really rough time with this weather. I decided to bake a vanilla cake on the weekend since we were all cooped up in the house. I iced it with my favourite buttercream icing and added some sprinkles to try and brighten an otherwise very gloomy day. I used the recipe below from Nagi at the Recipe Tin Eats blog, it was delicious. It was really easy to make, but just make sure you are patient and let it cool completely before you try and ice it. Oh, and the rules in our house are, whoever makes the cake gets to like the spoon!

The recipe can be found here – https://www.recipetineats.com/my-very-best-vanilla-cake/#wprm-recipe-container-49807

Rosie’s Tip of the Day – when you make buttercream, beat the butter first until it’s really light and fluffy before you add any icing sugar. I usually beat mine for at least 5 minutes. It sounds like a realllllly long time, but trust me… it’s worth it!

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