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Rosie's Recipes

Welcome to Rosie’s Recipes! Every week, Rosie shares a new recipe on the Squiz Kids podcast. Sometimes they're recipes she has stumbled upon – sometimes they are recipes sent in by Squiz Kids listeners.

The only criteria for a recipe to be featured here is that (1) it’s easy to make and (2) it features chocolate. Actually, number (2) is not strictly necessary. But Rosie is partial to a bit of chocolate...

If you have a favourite recipe you’d like Rosie to test and feature, send it to: [email protected]. Make sure to include all the ingredients as well as step-by-step instructions on how to make it.

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Muriel’s Scone Recipe

This week we baked scones for National Scone Day which was on Saturday May 30. We used the Country Women’s…

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Brittany’s Oreo Cookie Balls

This week’s recipe comes from Brittany from Ferny Hills in Brisbane. She said these Oreo Cookie Balls are a favourite…

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Ameera’s choc bubble slice

Today’s recipe comes from Ameera from The Ponds in Sydney. Ameera is 9 years-old and writes: “Dear Rosie, I have…

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Tomato and ricotta tart

Hello aspiring Masterchefs! Because we’ve been pretty heavy on the sweet recipes, I thought today I would bring you a…

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Mithra’s Chocolate Pudding

Today’s recipe comes from Mithra, 8, from Sydney. It’s her and her family’s favourite chocolate pudding recipe. And I can…

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Basil Pesto Stars

You know those times in between meals when you are desperate for a snack? Or those times you open your…

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