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Mithra’s Chocolate Pudding

Today’s recipe comes from Mithra, 8, from Sydney. It’s her and her family’s favourite chocolate pudding recipe. And I can completely understand why. It tastes soooo good.

Mum insisted I add a few raspberries – to make it sort of healthy. But whether you eat it with fruit or without – I can guarantee this is one recipe that you’ll be coming back to do again and again.

Thanks for sharing Mithra! And happy cooking everyone!



30g cocoa powder, sifted
60g cornflour
120g caster sugar
800ml milk


1. In a small saucepan, add the milk and sift in the cocoa and the cornflour.
2. Whisk vigorously until it has the appearance of lump free chocolate milk.
3. Heat over a low heat continuously until it comes to the boil.
4. Cook for 2 minutes and then whisk the sugar in. Stir until dissolved and the pudding is thickened.
5. Pour into a bowl and cover the whole surface with cling film.

Rosie’s Ratings:

I Can Do It All By Myself: 3/5 (there’s a bit of hot stove and whisking action you might need some adult help with)

Likelihood Your Brother Will Want To Lick The Whisk: 5/5
Winning Combination of Taste And Texture: 4/5 (but only if you love the wobbly texture of pudding)
Likelihood Your Dad Will Sneak Back Into The Fridge For Seconds: 5/5

Rosie’s Tip of the Day

Make sure you whisk vigorously to incorporate as much air into the pudding as possible. This will make it light and delicious.

Do you have a recipe for Rosie to try? Email it through to [email protected].


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