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Ameera’s choc bubble slice

Today’s recipe comes from Ameera from The Ponds in Sydney. Ameera is 9 years-old and writes:

“Dear Rosie, I have a very yummy, easy and kid friendly recipe that is called a choc bubble slice. The recipe is below. I hope you like it. Please give it a try and I would love for it to be included in the recipe segment for Squiz Kids.

Happy baking! From, Ameera”

Wow! Ameera – you have ticked all the boxes there. Breakfast cereal (one of Rosie’s favourite snacks at any time of the day) + Mars Bars (um …. yum!) and CHOCOLATE!!


90 grams butter
3 x 65 grams Mars Bars (a type of chocolate)
3 cups Rice Bubbles (cereal)


1. Melt butter and Mars Bars in a heavy-duty pan.
2. When melted, turn off stove and add rice bubbles.
3. Mix well and set in a rectangular dish.
4. Cut into squares when cooled.
5. Top with melted chocolate.

Rosie’s Ratings:

I Can Do It All By Myself: 3/5 (you might need some help with the melting bit)
Kid-friendly: 5/5
Taste: 5/5 (I’d give a six, but the ratings don’t go that high)
Likelihood Older Brother Will Try To Eat Them All: 100%

Rosie’s Tip of the Day

If you have trouble lining your tin with the baking paper, scrunch it up into a ball first and then flatten it out. It’s a lot easier to press into the corners once it’s a bit crinkled.

Do you have a recipe for Rosie to try? Email it through to [email protected].

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